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Our History

For over 40 years, RIV Chip Stand has been the home of the famous fries, poutine, and pogos in Sturgeon Falls, Ontario. The idea was thought up by Julien and Carmen Ferlatte after the Riviera Restaurant burned down in 1973 as a way to keep their children busy during the summer. The emphasis of their business was to deliver fast, friendly service and quality food to all of their customers – This foundation of great food with fast and friendly service has been the core values of the Riv throughout the years.


In 1991, Julien and Carmen Ferlatte sold the business to Larry and Joanne Lennon. In 1995, the Lennon’s sold the business Jeannot and Lorraine Gervais who partnered with their daughter Carole Gervais and her husband Norm Ethier.  In 2017, after 22 successful years, Norm and Carole sold the chip stand to Bruno and Kate Lepage whom have been in the hospitality industry for over 20 years.


Though the business exchanged hands throughout the years, the quality of the food and the fast and friendly service has remained as the core philosophy of the Riv Chip Stand.

Not just any potato is qualified to be a Riv fry – The Riv only uses specially selected local potatoes to make their famous fries. The potatoes are then peeled and cut in house to ensure the Riv Chip Stand quality you know and deserve.

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